Air Pollution and Eye Health


The attention is a fragile organ with a big and moist space uncovered to the atmosphere that makes it extra inclined to air air pollution than different elements of the physique. Nonetheless, the response of the eyes to airborne pollution ranges from no signs in any respect to extreme irritation and power ache. Even when contact lenses are in use, the eyes are nonetheless extra delicate to those results.


The severity of discomfort produced by air air pollution is set by the degrees of hydrocarbons and nitric oxide in ambient air.

The hydrocarbon chemical substances which are significantly well-known for inflicting such irritation embody C4 and C5 olefins. Hydrocarbons with branched chains have stronger results on the eyes as in comparison with straight chains, particularly if the chain accommodates some double bonds away from the terminal carbon. The irritation attributable to olefins is notably greater as in comparison with paraffin.

Amongst phenolic compounds, cyclohexene causes probably the most irritation as in comparison with benzene or cyclohexane.

Air air pollution primarily happens as a result of irradiation of car exhaust. A major degree of eye irritation happens when uncovered to such air air pollution for as much as 4 hours. This phenomenon has a half-life of 12 hours however bears no apparent relation with the degrees of aerosol, ozone, peroxyacetyl nitrite, or aldehyde. The irritants in irradiated automotive exhaust additionally stay unchanged, regardless of will increase or decreases in relative humidity (between 30% and 80%) or temperature fluctuations (25 to 45 ÂșC).

The connection between the particle measurement in car exhaust and the prevalence of eye irritation stays unclear; nonetheless, one researcher has indicated that beneath 0.2 microns, irritation is basically prevented. It’s believed that the make and efficiency of the motorcar decide the emission of hydrocarbons and nitric oxide; nonetheless, particular person hydrocarbon ranges rely extra upon the kind of gasoline used. Each these chemical substances produce eye irritation equally.

Interactions of sulfur dioxide and trioxide at subthreshold concentrations with sodium chloride or carbon black particles precipitate in inducing irritation.

One other examine has proven some correlation between the degrees of oxidants within the air and eye irritation at sure occasions of the 12 months. The presence of aerosol can also be advised to be a important issue. Oxidants can dissolve within the tear movie and acidify it, additional irritating the mucous membrane of the attention.

Among the air pollution which are generally present in metropolitan cities embody:

Carbon monoxide (CO)
Nitrogen dioxide (NO)
Sulfur dioxide (SO2)
Arsenic, asbestos, benzene, lead, chlorofluorocarbons, particulate matter, and dioxin
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Signs within the eye

Among the signs which are ceaselessly noticed following ocular publicity to air air pollution embody:

Burning and redness sensations
Allergy with extreme itching, redness, discharge, swelling of the eyes, and problem in opening the eyes
Elevated threat of infections
Gritty sensation
Visible difficulties together with refractive errors and impaired colour imaginative and prescient
Dry eye syndrome (DES) is probably the most frequent criticism amongst every of those signs, with the incidence of DES two occasions larger in girls over the age of fifty. The floor of the attention is infected and dry in DES, significantly when the affected person wears contact lens. As NO2 ranges rise, conjunctivitis turns into a standard function.

People who’re at a very excessive threat of those results of air air pollution publicity embody those that stay exterior for a very long time.

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The remedy of the attention signs of air pollutant publicity with out the presence of an an infection or allergy is just to chill the eyes by washing them gently with clear water, adopted by the applying of a cool compress.

Lubricating eye drops and the usage of sun shades are additionally useful choices. Contact lenses and eye make-up needs to be prevented till the eyes are healed fully.


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