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Split-steps, heavy rackets and a killer forehand 


“Trainers will work on patterns of motion, particular to every participant. Murray is a defensive mover, so he tends to drop again after a shot. Federer is an attacking mover, at all times seeking to get to the online. 
“I like my gamers to rehearse in gradual movement, utilizing elastics and weight jackets for resistance, typically throwing a drugs ball for the arms.”
Motion in tennis is like placing in golf: the X-factor that distinguishes the nice from the merely good. Drive for present, putt for dough, they are saying. And it is the identical with Federer’s motion. Take away his extraordinary potential to cowl the court docket, and also you wouldn’t see all of the artistic prospers that lead the spotlight reveals every evening.
The racket
By Simon Briggs 
Pock, pock, pock. It’s a well-recognized sound for any tennis-lover, however that is no atypical court docket.
A squat little field is firing balls into my forehand nook. The concept is to check out a collection of rackets, together with Roger Federer’s selection – the Wilson Professional Employees RF97. 
But the human aspect is proving uncooperative. With a number of technicians wanting on, it’s not solely the racket that retains altering, however my total swing path.
I’m standing within the Racquet Room, a space-age court docket on the finish of Australia’s Nationwide Tennis Centre in Melbourne, the place skilled gamers come to road-test totally different frames and string combos.

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