New ultrafast 3D clinical imaging system could improve LASIK surgery, diagnosis of eye diseases


LASIK eye surgical procedure – a laser reshaping of the cornea to enhance imaginative and prescient – is without doubt one of the hottest elective surgical procedures in america, and a College of Houston professor of biomedical engineering intends to enhance upon it by giving surgeons extra details about the cornea earlier than they start.

Particularly, Kirill Larin desires to supply measurement of corneal elasticity, a key element of visible acuity. Eye surgeons at present wouldn’t have a dependable technique to carry out a quantitative measurement of corneal elasticity in sufferers earlier than the process.

“We’ll develop a novel technique for the imaging and evaluation of corneal elastic properties that might doubtlessly be used for routine scientific diagnostics of various corneal ailments and therapy,” stated Larin, who’s utilizing a $1.6 million continuation grant from the Nationwide Eye Institute to enhance present Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) to supply ultrafast 3D scientific imaging. The expertise will mix Brillouin microscopy with Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Optical Coherence Elastography (OCE) – creating the brand new BOE.

The brand new BOE expertise makes use of extremely localized air stress stimulation.

We’ll use an air puff that may produce very small waves on the floor of the attention. The affected person is not going to really feel them, however we can detect them. The velocity of the waves will inform us concerning the elasticity of the cornea.”

Kirill Larin, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, College of Houston

Utilizing OCT, he’ll reconstruct volumetric biomechanical properties of the cornea.

Larin already developed a primary prototype of the mixed instrument, demonstrated its functionality to measure biomechanical properties of the cornea in vitro and in vivo, and has developed analytical fashions to extract biomechanical properties. The brand new grant, he stated, will speed up transition of this expertise into clinics, affect the choice and software of corneal surgical therapies and can assist perceive the structural penalties of corneal illness and wound therapeutic.

Larin’s earlier work made basic advances within the understanding of corneal biomechanics, which affect scientific interpretation of diagnostic assessments, e.g. measurement of intraocular stress, and have been implicated as necessary components within the growth of glaucoma.

“Our expertise will optimize the supply of well being care to the attention and ship an early analysis for a lot of eye circumstances.”

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