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If tennis really is “the 5th biggest sport” in the world, then why is it so unwatched 3/4 of the year?


If one was to watch the tennis world this week, it wouldn’t take lengthy to note the deafening silence which is the tennis environment for the time being.Flagship tournaments for this week (don’t chortle), the Nordea Open and the Corridor of Fame Open in Newport, provide a really worrying glimpse into the game which is bipolar in it’s curiosity from nearly all of most of the people of the world. Final night time, the world quantity 9 of tennis, Felix Auger-Aliassiame, was enjoying in opposition to a comparatively unknown, however high quality journeyman prospect, Jason Kubler.One can actually surprise the astronomically low quantity of people that doubtless tuned into that match. By way of most of the people, the utter lack of curiosity in watching tennis, many of the 12 months, is the elephant in the lounge, and uncomfortable fact, which no person desires to handle.Probably the most surprising ingredient of this all, is that tennis doubtless pulls worse numbers throughout the common season, than many different sport throughout their off-seasons. It’s virtually sure that the variety of individuals watching low season editions of exhibits reminiscent of Undisputed, trump the mixed viewership of any tennis event working this week, throughout its common season.For many of the normal public, naming a single WTA participant exterior of maybe Serena Williams or Naomi Osaka, could be inconceivable.On the boys’s aspect, if one was to conduct a survey of most of the people, you’d even be onerous pressed to seek out anyone who may identify any of the present males’s high 10, exterior of Nadal or Djokovic. The overwhelming majority of most of the people doubtless have no idea, or care, that tennis exists exterior of the majors, and it is a large drawback. It’s a dire actuality, and it’s fairly unfathomable that most of the people’s curiosity in tennis is nearly non-existent exterior of the majors. Even throughout the majors, over the previous 2 years, there have been loads of individuals who puzzled “when is Serena approaching”- completely unaware that she was not collaborating in that main. And they aren’t flawed, tennis is just not watched. A few of the normal public, within the midst of majors, could even ask when Nadal is enjoying Federer. Tennis is heading down a dire, dire path, and for a sport which, in accordance boasts as being the fifth hottest sport on the planet, there’s something that’s significantly awry.  

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